A Seriously Awesome Way to Recover from Long Runs

Spring training is in full swing here at MTG Athletics! Our triathletes are rocking and rolling as the gear up for Spring Olys and Sprints. Our runners are moving out of base-building and into strength work. And I, Coach Alison, am less than 2 weeks away from the first ultra marathon of the year.

As we progress closer and closer to our race dates and the training miles add up, it’s important that we talk about proper recovery. I’m asked all the time about rest, sleep, and nutrition and the role they play in recovery but one thing that often gets overlooked – but is arguably just as crucial – is what you do in that first half-hour following your long training runs.

It’s really not as simple as lying on the couch all day and avoiding as much leg movement as possible.

My athletes get the speech but I’ll spare you from that for now and just give you a few things you can do to aid recovery from the first moment you arrive home after your run.

You may not feel like it but – trust me on this – it’ll make a world of difference in how your legs feel for the rest of the day and the following day.

In other words, if you don’t want your legs to feel like the ran 20 miles yesterday, carve out 7┬áminutes post-run (maybe in that window when you’re rehydrating and refueling) to release a bit of that built up tension before going about your day.

Check out my post for YogiApproved.com HERE for 5┬áposes to help speed your recovery and make your legs feel like a million bucks (rather than useless, lead appendages) tomorrow. No excuses…

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