Coach’s Log: #BOSUStrong Week 3 Recap

Three weeks of the #BOSUStrong Campaign have come and gone! Only one week to go!

Last week, the focus was toning and stretching those gorgeous muscles. This is something we endurance athletes tend to skip…that’s right, I’m telling on us! But muscle function, flexibility and mobility are critical to speed, injury prevention and late-race performance. Ignore your muscles and they’ll let you know before too long – in the loudest, most painful way.

If you missed last week’s #BOSUStrong moves, here’s a look back at what you missed:

IG Post #1: 9/28/2015 – Side Lunges with BOSU Front Raise

IG Post #2: 9/28/2015 – BOSU Crow to Jump Back Chaturanga

IG Post #3: 9/29/2015 – Elevated Leg Side Plank Hip Raises

IG Post #4: 9/29/2015 – Fun With BOSU Balance

IG Post #5: 9/30/2015 – One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

IG Post #6: 9/30/2015 – Alien Wheel 

IG Post #7: 10/1/2015 – One-Legged Wheel Pose

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Need more ideas to convince you that the BOSU really is one of the most fabulous pieces of equipment? Read this post and check back next week for Week #4 as we focus on all the things that make us BOSU Strong from head to toe!

Do you have a favorite BOSU move? Tell me all about it on Instagram or Twitter (extra credit for video) using #mtgathletics and #BOSUStrong.

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