Coach’s Log: #BOSUStrong Week 2 Recap

My involvement in the #BOSUStrong Campaign is still going strong!

Last week, we focused on balance. Of course, using the BOSU is a fabulous way to get balanced and work on all those teeny-tiny little stabilizer muscles that we tend to neglect (especially endurance athletes) but balance is about more than just the physical act of holding yourself upright and not tipping over.

Balance is something we all should strive for in every aspect of our lives. For every hard workout, there should be a good amount of rest, recovery, and sleep. For every area we’re actively trying to improve, there should be an acknowledgement of something we’ve already accomplished.

Maintaining balance in our mindset, fitness, and nutrition is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. Extremes are unsustainable and unsustainable equals a waste of your time and effort in the long run. Find balance, your body & mind will thank you and I think you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to stick with.

If you missed last week’s #BOSUStrong moves, here’s a look back at what you missed:

IG Post #1: 9/21/2015 – Single-Leg BOSU Stand with Ball Pass

IG Post #2: 9/21/2015 – Tuck Jump

IG Post #3: 9/22/2015 – BOSU Squat with Up & Over Shoulder Press

IG Post #4: 9/22/2015 – BOSU Tree Pose

IG Post #5: 9/23/2015 – BOSU Side Lunges

IG Post #6: 9/23/2015 – BOSU Hip Flexor Stretch with Trunk Rotation

IG Post #7: 9/24/2015 – BOSU Pistol Squat

IG Post #8: 9/24/2015 – BOSU Balancing Backbend

IG Post #9: 9/25/2015 – BOSU Firefly

IG Post #10: 9/25/2015 – BOSU and Stability Ball Rear-Leg Elevated Forearm Plank

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Need more ideas to convince you that the BOSU really is one of the most fabulous pieces of equipment? Read this post and check back next week for Week #3 where we’ll tone and stretch those gorgeous muscles.

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