Coach’s Log: #BOSUStrong Week 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I love the BOSU! And to prove it, this week I showed you all my favorite BOSU cardio moves as part of the #BOSUStrong Campaign through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship.

Here’s a look back at what you missed this week:

IG Post #1: 9/14/2015 – #MountainClimberMonday Cross-Body BOSU Mountain Climbers

IG Post #2: 9/15/2015 – #TempoTuesday Side Skip BOSU Squats 

IG Post #3: 9/15/2015 – #TricepTuesday BOSU Bench Dips

IG Post #4: 9/16/2015 – #BURPEES BOSU Burpee Jacks

IG Post #5: 9/16/2015 – #WorkItWednesday BOSU Plank Mini-Circuit

IG Post #6: 9/17/2015 – #TotalBodyThursday BOSU Rock & Roll Ups

IG Post #7: 9/18/2015 – #FreeFriday BOSU Jumping Lunges

IG Post #8: 9/18/2015 – #ForearmFriday BOSU Forearm Reaches

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Need more ideas to convince you that the BOSU really is one of the most fabulous pieces of equipment? Read this post and check back next week for Week #2 where we learn to find a little balance…who doesn’t need that, right?

Do you have a favorite BOSU move? Tell me all about it on Instagram or Twitter (extra credit for video) using #mtgathletics and #BOSUStrong.

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