durability training

Tired of dealing with the same nagging aches and pains? So are we!

The “band-aid” approach to endurance training is an extremely frustrating process and is often a monumental waste of time. We’ve been there and felt it was time to find a better way. Rather than just being reactive when things go wrong, we’d prefer to be proactive- addressing the underlying issue before it’s ever actually a problem- so we came up with a new approach to endurance training, Durability Training for Endurance Athletes (DTEA).

This is not a program you will find in books or online. Our exclusive DTEA Program was developed, rigorously-tested, and fine-tuned by Coach Alison during her own ultra-marathon training and is based on the idea that the more durable the athlete, the longer he or she can train and perform without injury, pain or misery. Our DTEA Program encompasses and focuses on all the key elements necessary to make you the most awesome athlete possible: strength, stability, mobility, posture, functional movement, motor control, and recovery. 

But this approach is not just for endurance athletes.

Every individualized program we offer has elements of DTEA built in so that our clients are armed with all the battle-tested and highly-effective techniques and exercises necessary to develop top-notch durability to stay healthy and resilient. Our clients learn how to strengthen and mobilize key areas and coordinate more efficient movement through their entire body to build strength and power while significantly limiting the chances of being sidelined by injuries.