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Client Services

Becoming a fit, strong, confident and durable endurance athlete doesn’t have to be miserable or complicated.

We work with our clients to develop effective and engaging programs which are consistent with his or her individual goals taking into consideration preferences, current abilities and time constraints. Our individualized programs include also elements of our Durability Training philosophy to build a body that moves better and lasts longer.

We offer the following services:

  • Sports Performance & Injury Prevention Programs
    • Functional Movement Screenings and Comprehensive Assessments
    • Corrective Exercise Strategies for Injury Prevention 
    • Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning Programs
    • Power, Agility & Speed Development Coaching
  • Specialized Running Coaching
    • Running Form Assessment and Coaching
    • Gait Analysis 
    • Road to Trail Crossover Coaching
    • Strength, Speed Development & Injury Prevention Programs 
    • Customized Training Programs – 5K to Ultra-marathons 
  • Obstacle Course Race Training
    • Comprehensive Strength & Conditioning Training Programs 
    • Skill/Obstacle-Specific Coaching
  • Triathlon Training
    • Individualized Training Programs
    • Strength Training & Injury Prevention Programs
    • Transition Training & Practice Sessions
    • Open Water Swim Clinics & Practice (in partnership with Crossing Currents Aquatics)
  • UltraYoga
    • Sport-Specific Private & Small Group Yoga Sessions
    • Weekly Public Yoga Classes & Specialty Workshops (see our schedule here)
  • Online Product Downloads — Check out our Online Store
    • Race Training Plans
    • Strength Training Guidance & Sample Plans
    • Sport-Specific Yoga 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask! All our programs are tailored to the athletes and individually developed based on his or her goals and abilities.

Business Services & Community Partnerships

We provide expert guidance and consulting for fitness professionals, health coaches, community organizations, private companies, gyms & other facilities to assist with new program design, help improve the quality of services offered, and effectively use social media for brand marketing to reach a target audience.

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Yoga for Athletes Programs
  • Motivational & Educational Workshops
  • Coaching Consulting Services
  • Social Media Marketing Consulting